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Why won't my computer turn on in safe mode?

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This problem was caused by a compatibility issue between your computer's Away Mode System and your 64-bit version of Windows. The Away Mode System is only compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows. This problem is not critical, but you can prevent it from occurring again by disabling the Away Mode System in your computer's BIOS.
Away Mode is designed to enable media PC scenarios that include background media sharing and recording. When the computer is in Away Mode, the system appears off to the user—the display is off and audio is muted. However, the PC remains in the on state and otherwise fully operational, allowing background tasks to continue.The Allow Away Mode Policy setting will enable or disable Away Mode for users using the same power plan scheme this was set in. An example of an Away Mode setting, is the Allow the computer to enter Away Mode for When sharing media in your power plan scheme "Power Options". EXAMPLE: "Allow Away Mode Policy" in Power OptionsIn most of the cases, F2 or Delete Button are used for entering in BIOS. Check, which mode is currently open on BIOS Menu. If your BIOS menu is set to ‘ Easy Mode ’, then you need to change that into advanced mode. You can do this by pressing the ‘F2‘ button inside the BIOS or clicking the option within the sidebar.A computer running on Windows 10 can get stuck in Safe Mode for a number of different reasons, primarily the user enabling the “Make all boot changes permanent” option when booting into Safe Mode from msconfig or a faulty Windows system upgrade from a previous version of the OS.

What happens when the computer is in away mode?

When the computer is in Away mode, the Away mode technology: 1 Turns off the video port for the main display (the monitor appears blank). 2 Mutes all audio output. 3 Filters the primary input devices (such as the mouse, keyboard, or remote control). 4 Puts the CPU into an adaptive power policy that may reduce system power More items...

What is the allow away mode policy setting in power options?

The Allow Away Mode Policy setting in Power Options allows users to specify yes or no if away mode is to be enabled for your computer. This tutorial will show you how to add or remove the Allow Away Mode Policy setting under Sleep in Power Options for all users in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

How do I enable away mode in BIOS?

Away mode should be enabled as the default off state for the HID sleep button and configured through the power options in the Control Panel. The system BIOS should be responsible for controlling the fan speed of the power supply, processor, and system when the system transitions to and from Away mode.

Why won't my computer turn on in safe mode?

If the same issue doesn’t happen in Safe Mode, you will know that this problem is caused by the third-party application rather than the default settings and basic device drivers. If the problem happens again in Safe Mode, it means that there is something wrong with Windows operating system and you need to repair it.

Why won't my computer turn on in safe mode?

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