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What is the maximum number of process ID a process can use?

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On 32-bit platfroms, 32768 is the maximum value for pid_max. On 64-bit systems, pid_max can be set to any value up to 2^22 (PID_MAX_LIMIT, approximately 4 million). And no, you cannot change the PID of a running process.
For operating systems, 32-bits refer to how it handles data. It is used to represent a memory address and works in conjunction with the microprocessor.The default maximum value of PIDs is 32,767. This maximum is important because it is essentially the maximum number of processes that can exist simultaneously on a system. Although this will almost always be sufficient for a small system, large servers may require many more processes.

What is the maximum number of PIDs a system can have?

On Linux, you can find the maximum PID value for your system with this: $ cat /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max This value can also be written using the same file, however the value can only be extended up to a theoretical maximum of 32768 for 32 bit systems or 4194304 for 64 bit:

What does 32 bit mean in operating system?

32-bit operating system The term 32-bit tells us that how much information can be handled by the processor of the computer. The 32-bit system can access 2^32 memory addresses. Most of the computers made in the early 1990s and 2000s have 32-bit operating systems.

What is the maximum value for a 32-bit unsigned integer in computing?

If there are more numbers in this list, they must be at least 2 233 +1 (approximately 10 2585827973 ), because every intervening Fermat number is known to be composite. The number 4,294,967,295, equivalent to the hexadecimal value FFFF,FFFF16, is the maximum value for a 32-bit unsigned integer in computing.

What is the maximum number of process ID a process can use?

So theoretically maximum process id is DWORD_MAX aligned to 4: 0xFFFFFFFC (as pid/tid values are aligned to 4 on Windows). I couldn't find an official statement on it but since it's stored and returned as a DWORD you should assume it can use the entire 32-bit range.

What is the maximum number of process ID a process can use?

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