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What happened to Microsoft Edge search bar and Cortana on Windows 10?

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If the Windows 10 Cortana search bar not working issue is caused by corrupt system files, you can run SFC Scannow to repair corrupt system files to see if it can fix Cortana not working issue. Press Windows + R , type cmd , and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run Command Prompts as administrator.
There are known incompatibilities with Cortana and some antivirus programs. If the problem is resolved by disabling the software, consider uninstalling it and using Windows Defender instead. Fix the Windows Start menu. Often when Cortana isn't working, the Windows 10 Start menu is not working properly either. How to Fix Windows Search Not Working?Solution 1. End Cortana Process. Note: To fix the Windows 10 Search not working problem, you can try to restart your computer before you go on to the following steps.Solution 2. Restart the Search Service. Solution 3. Rebuild the Index. Solution 4. Run System File Checker. Solution 5. Run Search and Index Troubleshooter. Solution 6. Run DISM Tool.

What to do if Cortana is not working on Windows 10?

Even if the Cortana search box goes missing, that does not mean that Windows 10’s search feature no longer works. You can do any search query by opening the Start menu. And then, perform a Windows search as you normally would. Alternatively, you may also use the Windows + S shortcut.

Why can't I type in Cortana search bar?

If you can't type not only in Cortana but also in the Windows Search bar, you can try the following steps to fix the search bar. Method 1: Run ctfmon.exe. Sometimes there's something wrong with the language bar and it doesn't respond when you are typing. Ctfmon is the Microsoft process that controls the Alternative User Input and ...

How to fix Windows 10 search bar not working?

Type services.msc in the box and hit Enter or click OK to continue. Step 2: In the Services window find Windows Search and right-click it, choose Restart from the context menu to continue. When the process is finished you can restart your computer to check whether the issue Windows 10 Search bar not working is solved. Solution 3. Rebuild the Index

What happened to Microsoft Edge search bar and Cortana on Windows 10?

But as with other built-in utilities, they’re also causing technical headaches to Windows 10 users. Many reported that Microsoft Edge, Search Bar, and Cortana have gone missing. Well, this is no serious problem. In fact, it can be resolved in no time.

What happened to Microsoft Edge search bar and Cortana on Windows 10?

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