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How to mute a part of a video on Mac?

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Go to this tab. Play the video and pause it when the section you want to mute starts. Click the Split button. Play the video until you reach the end of the section you want to mute. Pause it, and again, split the video.
groovypost.comИзображение:groovypost.comOpen the Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop. Open a few tabs and start playing media in one of them. Right-Click on the tab to reveal a drop-down menu. Click on the ‘Mute Tab’ option to mute all the media playback on that particular tab.A Mute Other Tabs message should appear in the Smart Search field. Alternatively, you can Control-click the Audio button, then click Mute Other Tabs. On the other hand, if you’re on a tab that is not playing audio, and you want to mute audio from other tabs, simply click the Audio button to automatically mute the audio from all other tabs.Here are the steps to mute a video using the desktop software on Mac: Open iMovie and click on the Create New button. Now select Movie from the resulting dropdown menu. Click on the Import Media button and select the video you want to mute.

How to mute audio in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10?

You scramble to find the audio icon on that tab, open the page and scroll down to stop the video that’s playing. There’s a faster way to shut down that sound. A new feature with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update can mute tabs in Microsoft Edge. Simply click the audio icon or right-click the tab to choose Mute from the drop down menu.

How to mute tabs that are playing audio/video?

If you have used Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser before, you probably know that theses browsers display a speaker icon on tabs that are playing audio or video. And these browsers also allow you to mute tabs by clicking on the speaker volume. Microsoft Edge also displays a speaker icon on tabs that are playing audio/video.

How do I mute or unmute sound output devices in Windows 10?

1 Open Settings, and click/tap on the System icon. 3 If you have more than one sound output device, select the device you want to mute or unmute in the Choose your output device drop menu. 4 Click/tap on the volume icon to toggle mute or unmute. 5 When finished, you can close Settings if you like.

How to mute a part of a video on Mac?

Click the Split button. Play the video until you reach the end of the section you want to mute. Pause it, and again, split the video. This will isolate the section you want to mute. Select that section, and mute it from the ‘Video Volume’ control on the Edit tab. Repeat this process for all sections in the video that you want to mute.

How to mute a part of a video on Mac?

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