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How to fix Windows 10 won't shut down loop?

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Part 1. 5 Common Ways to Fix Computer Won't Shut Down in Windows 7/8/10 Method 1: Close Open Programs. Running programs are the major cause of computer won't shut down the problem. When you...Method 2: Update Drivers and Windows. An outdated Windows version or drivers can also cause the Windows won't shut down...Method 3: Change Power Settings. If the computer won't... More ...
Method 1. Disable the Fast Startup Feature. Turning off the startup feature is the quickest way to fix Windows 10 not shutting down. Click the "Start" button and type power.Method 2. Perform a Full Shutdown. The Fast Startup feature doesn't fully turn off your computer in order to decrease the booting time.Method 3. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter. Some users can't shut down Windows 10 during the update. Method 4. Run Windows System File Checker Tool. If some of the Windows system files are corrupted on your computer, you will surely encounter problems, for example, " a required Method 5. Boot Computer from Safe Mode and Cancel Automatically Restart. When Windows 10 cannot shut down, it will keep restarting each time you press "Shut down" on your computer.Method 6. Change BIOS Settings. As mentioned, your Windows 10 may fail to shut down due to BIOS issues, be it wrong settings or corruption.So, without further ado, let me show you the steps to fix Windows 10 not shutting down problem. Fix #1: Force Shutdown Windows 10 via Command Prompt. The easiest way to fix the issue is to force shut down the system. When you do that, Windows ignores everything and just shuts down the PC. Once the PC is shut down properly, the problem should not arise again. The good thing is, you can force shutdown Windows with just a single command.

How to fix computer won't shut down on Windows 10?

If the computer won't shut down is appearing on Windows 10, you can change the power settings to solve this problem. Windows 10 has a fast startup feature that can also interfere with the shutdown process. Follow the steps to turn off the Fast startup. Step 1: Right-click on the start menu and select "Power options".

What to do when your computer won't turn off?

Solution 1: Force Shut Down Your Computer When your system shut down and you think my pc won't turn off, so you might try it by cutting the power source. But this is not the right way. When you unplug the system forcibly, it can damage the power supply, cause harm to the motherboard or other components of the system.

How do you force shut down a computer?

On most computers, all you need to do to force shut down the computer is to press and hold down the Power button for a few seconds. Keep it held down until you see your machine powering off. Once that is done, you can press the same Power key to turn your machine back on. Windows provides you with multiple ways to shut down a computer.

How to fix Windows 10 won't shut down loop?

Step 1: On your keyboard, press the “ Windows ” key and “ R ” key at the same time, then input “ cmd ” and click “ OK ” to run as the administrator. Wait patiently until the verification process 100% complete. Then reboot the computer to see whether Windows 10 won’t shut down loop still exists.

How to fix Windows 10 won't shut down loop?

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