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How to burn an ISO file on MacBook Air?

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lifewire.comИзображение:lifewire.comTo burn your ISO file to a blank CD-R or DVD-R, first, insert the disc into your CD-R or DVD-R burner drive. Then, open the folder containing your ISO file in Windows File Explorer. Our example ISO file is named “Windows,” but yours will likely be different. Right-click the file and select “Burn disc image” in the menu that appears.
Easy Steps to burn an ISO image to a DVD discAdd ISO files to the ISO to DVD converter. Inatall and run EaseFab DVD Creator, then select "Quick Burn" from drop-download list of Quick Start menu.Edit video with the built-in video editor (Optional). If you want to customize the ISO file before burning it to DVD, you can click the 'Pencil' icon or Ajust DVD Settings. More itemsTo burn the ISO file onto a disc, insert a blank CD or DVD in your PC's disc drive. Open File Explorer or Windows Explorer and right-click on the ISO file. From the pop-up menu, select the Burn disc image command. The Windows Disc Image Burner tool pops up and should point to your CD/DVD drive.Step 1: Open the Finder window on your Mac, browse the ISO file, and single click to select it. Step 2: Next, click File > Burn Disk Image (filename) to disc option. Alternatively, you can also select the ISO file, right-click, and choose the Burn Disk Image option.

How to burn an ISO image file to a DVD?

To burn an ISO image file to a DVD, put a blank disc in your drive, then right-click the ISO file and choose Burn disc image. Follow the prompts to burn the ISO image to the disc.

How do I convert an ISO file to a disc?

Right-click or tap-and-hold the ISO file and then choose the Burn disc image option to open the Windows Disc Image Burner window. If you're using Windows 7, you can just double-click the ISO file. Double-clicking or double-tapping an ISO in Windows 10 or Windows 8 will mount the file as a virtual disc.

How do I burn an image from a disc?

Right-click the file and select “Burn disc image” in the menu that appears. In the Windows Disc Image Burner window, select your disc burner drive. If you want extra reassurance that the disc will burn properly, check “Verify the disc after burning.”

How to burn an ISO file on MacBook Air?

MacOS Download the file .ISO file to your Mac Insert a blank disc. From the Desktop, click on Utilities (or in some cases, Applications, and then Utilities). Launch Disk Utility. From the File menu, choose Open Disk Image. Select the ISO image to be burned. In the list of volumes, you will now see an item representing the ISO file. Select it.

How to burn an ISO file on MacBook Air?

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