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How to add public folder to favorites in Outlook Web App?

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codetwo.comИзображение:codetwo.comSharing your folders using Outlook Right-click on your Mailbox name (e.g., Mailbox-Doe, Jane) and select Folder Permissions. Select the Add button. Select the person you wish to give permission to from the address list and press the Add button.
To enable Public Folder Sharing in Windows 10, do the following. Open the Control Panel app. Go to Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork and Sharing Center. On the left, click on the link Change advanced sharing settings.Open Outlook.Click the ellipsis icon (3 dots), then click 'Folders'.Click 'Public Folders', then expand 'All Public Folders' until you find the calendar you're after.Right click the calendar and select 'Add to Favorites'Click the 'Add' button to finish.To add a public folder in Outlook Web App, right-click Folders, and then choose Add public folder to Favorites. Locate the folder and click Add. Your users can now use Outlook Web App to perform the following tasks in their favorite Calendar, Contact, or Mail and Post public folders: Create items in the public folders

How do I create a new public folder in outlook?

Click the ellipsis at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel. Click Folder to go to the Outlook Folder View. (See figure below.) Right-click Public Folders. Click New Folder. (See figure below.) NOTE: You need to be the Owner or the Publishing Editor/Author of the parent Public Folder to create new subfolders. Name the new folder.

How do I share a public folder in Windows 10?

In the Folder List, in the Navigation Pane, right-click the public folder you want to share, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu. You must have Owner permission for a public folder to set sharing permissions for the folder.

How do I create a public calendar in outlook?

Creating the Public Folder Calendar Log in to Outlook Desktop. Click the ellipsis at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel. Click Folder to switch to the Outlook Folder View.

How to add public folder to favorites in Outlook Web App?

Access a public folder calendar in the Outlook Web App. Login to the Outlook Web App. Right-click Folders and select Add public folder to Favorites. Browse the directory and select the desired public folder. Click Add Public Folders. Close the Add Public Folder menu. The calendar public folder shows in Calendar area of the Outlook Web App.

How to add public folder to favorites in Outlook Web App?

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