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How does cache size affect gaming performance?

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On the other hand, when copying files smaller than the buffer size, the disk cache will boost the transfer speed by enhancing the efficiency of the drive. This is why cache sizes are continuously increasing in newer drives so as to have a higher efficiency range. The downside to caching while writing is, just like RAM, the disk cache is volatile.
community.spiceworks.comИзображение:community.spiceworks.comHard drive cache is a temporary data storage area used to enhance drive performance. Larger buffer cache size can result in improved drive performance. A faster drive on top of that will improve performace even more. Rotational speed is a major factor in hard drive performance, as it determines how quickly data can be retrieved.

Why does increasing the size of the cache memory increase speed?

This is a simplification, but, one of the primary reasons the cache increases 'speed' is that it provides a fast memory very close to the processor - this is much faster to access than main memory. So, in theory, increasing the size of the cache should allow more information to be stored in this 'fast' memory, and thereby improve performance..

Does cache speed affect hard drive performance?

The cache isn’t going to equate to faster drive performance on single tasks directly. It’s not like it’s causing the drive to move faster. Having a disk buffer does, however, allow a hard drive to multitask much more efficiently, and chances are, that’s something that you’ll need.

What is the size of a modern disk cache?

Modern Disk Cache ranges from 8MB to 256MB. Some SSDs have caches of 4GB while older hard drives had disk buffers of between 2MB and 4MB. The purpose of the buffer is to keep some data and to move it to and from the drive.

How does cache size affect gaming performance?

The bigger your cache is, the more smoothly it will run, and the better it will be at temporarily storing and holding on to data as your hard drive writes it. Just be sure not to turn off your computer! Now, your cache size isn’t the only thing to consider if you want to improve the performance of your games.

How does cache size affect gaming performance?

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