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How do I send a text message to someone I already know?

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How to send a text message to a wireless phone in another country: Sending a text message internationally works the same as dialing a voice call: exit code - country code - national subscriber number. With most cell phones you can replace the exit code with the plus sign.

How do you send a message on a cell phone?

Select "Messaging" or "Messages" from the menu screen. Choose "Send a message.". Some phones will give you the option of sending a voice message or a text message. Text messages might be labeled "SMS message" on older phones. Look at your phone.

How do you text a letter on a cell phone?

Text messaging is a popular way to communicate noiselessly by cell phone. Open or turn on your phone. Select "Messaging" or "Messages" from the menu screen. Choose "Send a message.". Look at your phone. Hit the number of the letter you'd like to type several times until the letter you want appears. Finish typing your message and hit "Enter.".

How to send a text message to a non smartphone?

How Do I Send Text Messages on a Non Smartphone 1 Go to the menu. 2 Find the messaging icon. 3 Pick the text message option. 4 Choose the new message option. 5 Type the name or number of who you want to text. 6 ... (more items) See More....

How do I send a text message to someone I already know?

If you already have a conversation with the person you want to text on your phone, it will show up in the text messaging screen. You can select this conversation to send a new text message to them, instead of selecting the new message option.

How do I send a text message to someone I already know?

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