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How do I change the modifier keys of the narrator?

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How to turn Narrator on using a keyboard shortcut To turn on Narrator, press the Windows, Control, and Enter keys simultaneously (Win+CTRL+Enter). The Narrator dialog box will appear.
When referring to a Windows Narrator keyboard shortcut, you may be told to press the Narrator key, which by default, is the Caps Lock key. It can also be the Insert key. Examples of Narrator keyboard shortcuts Once Windows Narrator is open, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate and read what is being displayed on the screen.Windows Narrator is a lightweight screen-reading tool. It reads aloud things on your screen—text and interface elements—makes it easier to interact with links and buttons, and even provides descriptions of images. Windows Narrator also is available in 35 languages. The easiest way to get to the Narrator settings is to press Windows+Ctrl+N. To manage Narrator settings in Windows 10, open the “Settings” window. Then click the “Ease of Access” button in the middle of the screen to display the ease of access settings. Then click the “Narrator” category at the left side of this window. The Narrator settings in Windows 10 appear in the area to the right.Open the Choose a modifier key drop-down menu and select the key option you want to use. Change the reading modifier key with a keyboard and Narrator Press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + M to open the Magnifier settings view. Press the Tab key until you hear “Reading, choose a modifier key” followed by the currently selected option.

What is the narrator key on a keyboard?

Both the Caps Lock and Insert keys serve as your Narrator key by default. You can use either of these keys in any command that uses the Narrator key. The Narrator key is referred to as simply “Narrator” in commands. If you’re using a Japanese 106 keyboard, Insert and NonConvert are your default Narrator keys.

How do I use the narrator?

Move your cursor to the area of text you want Narrator to start reading. Press Caps Lock + R and Narrator starts reading the text on the page to you. Stop Narrator from speaking by pressing the Ctrl key. First, let's look at the different Narrator settings available as you scroll down the screen. Open Narrator Home.

How do I change the narrator settings in Windows 10?

On a keyboard, press the Windows logo key + Enter. On a tablet, press the Windows logo button and Volume Up button together. On the sign-in screen, tap or click the Ease of access button in the lower-left corner and choose Narrator. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings.

How do I change the modifier keys of the narrator?

You can change the modifier keys. Also, you can turn on special Lock Mode for the modifier key of Narrator. When it is enabled, you do not have to press the Narrator key to launch a Narrator feature. This can be done with either Settings, a hotkey, or with a Registry tweak.

How do I change the modifier keys of the narrator?

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