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How do I add a server to WAC?

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Click Admin Console in the sidebar. Click Settings in the sidebar. Under Authentication, click Single sign-on. Toggle the Single sign-on setting from Off to either Optional or Required.
If you are accessing the WAC from the gateway server you can access with https://localhost:xxx(xxx – configured port as well). After login into the device you will see the gateway server under the list of devices. Click the Add icon under All Connections. Select the resource type you want to add to WAC by selecting the device and click Add.

How to access Windows Admin Center (WAC) from localhost?

You have the option to add a shortcut to your desktop or change the default port through which this solution will be accessed. Open your web browser and type “localhost” or “FQDN” of the machine where the installation has been done. Then, you can access Windows Admin Center (WAC).

How do I add Windows Admin Center FQDN to WAC?

First, we need to trust WAC by the supported browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Edge based on Chromium ). You need to add the Windows Admin Center FQDN machine to the “Trusted Local Intranet Zone” under Internet Properties as shown in the screenshot below.

Does Windows Admin Center support single sign-on on Windows Server?

When you install Windows Admin Center on Windows 10, it's ready to use single sign-on. If you're going to use Windows Admin Center on Windows Server, however, you need to set up some form of Kerberos delegation in your environment before you can use single sign-on.

How do I add a server to WAC?

If you have a different administrative credential other than your windows login credential, specify it here before you can have your servers added to WAC. When the Server is added. – Click on the server and on the right Pane, decide on the account type you would like to use and click on continue.

How do I add a server to WAC?

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