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Can I set edge as my default browser for kids?

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Microsoft has recently updated Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev with a new screen called Family Safety, a new menu which was previously hiding in the browser under an experimental flag. But beginning with the latest updates, Family Safety becomes broadly available for everyone, allowing users to enable the parental controls in the browser.
The link was added in Edge Canary 82.0.456.0 and takes you directly to the Family Safety page, which can otherwise be reached by going to Settings > Accounts >Family & other users. On the page, users are able to add accounts for their children, and apple content restrictions, screen time limits, game time limits and more.Kids Mode is a convenient browsing mode inside Microsoft Edge that’s designed for kids. With its kid-friendly features and safety guardrails in place, Kids Mode is a great place for children to safely explore the web.

Which family safety settings work in Microsoft Edge?

All of the family safety settings work in Microsoft Edge. When the whole family uses it as their browser, it's easier to explore the web safely.

What is Microsoft Edge Kids Mode?

Kids Mode is a feature that came to Microsoft Edge in 2021. It's a special mode that strips down the browser, adds some child-friendly features, and allows parents to set controls for what their children can do online. Introducing Microsoft Edge Kids Mode

Does Microsoft's new family safety screen make sense on Windows 10?

This approach makes sense given Microsoft Edge is offered as the new default browser in Windows 10. On the other hand, thanks to the migration to Chromium, Edge is now available on non-Windows platforms as well, including macOS and soon Linux, so this Family Safety screen might make more sense with built-in controls.

Can I set edge as my default browser for kids?

Microsoft recently added links to setting Edge as your Default Browser, and also a page encouraging users to use Edge on their phone, and Microsoft pointedly suggests that Family Settings will not work if your child uses any other browser. The feature should be rolling out to Edge Dev users in the coming weeks.

Can I set edge as my default browser for kids?

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